Immaculate Heart of Mary Church

We are located in Black Eagle, Montana adjacent to Great Falls. Here at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church the traditional Latin Mass is offered daily. Our church is associated with the Society of St. Pius V - an organization of traditional Catholic priests dedicated to the traditional Latin Mass and the administration of the traditional Sacraments. The priests follow the rubrics of the Mass according to the Roman Missal (Missale Romanum 1954) prior to any of the liturgical changes implemented by the Vatican II Council.

You are most welcome to browse our web site. Please feel free to visit us here at our church if you are visiting in the Great Falls area.

You may also may visit the SSPV web site's Mass Locations link to see where Mass is offered in other states by the priests of the Society of St. Pius V.

If you would like to know the daily Mass schedule at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church please click on the Bulletin link to view the Mass schedule for the current week at our church. We have also posted the Mass schedule for other chapels under the Mass Locations menu at the top of the page.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Church also publishes The Roman Catholic magazine, a beautiful church calendar, and a latin ordo for priests. More aticles will be forthcoming.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church purchased the Collins (Hawthorne) School from the Great Falls School District in 1987. Before the first Mass could be offered, the gymnasium had to be converted into a church. With a tremendous amount of work by the parishioners, the traditional Latin Mass was offered in the new facility for the first time on July 11, 1988. Immediate attention had to be given to the school as well; the roof was repaired and insulated and windows replaced.

As with any building that needs to be restored, the usual repairs and updates are being made. Over the course of the years, renovation of the church has been ongoing. Just to mention a few of the major projects for the church: a choir loft was added along with a bell tower, a pipe organ installed, leaded stained glass windows were purchased, restored and placed in the church.

Beginning in 1988, the church has conducted a two-week summer school catechism program which averages about 90 students every year. The summer-school catechism is taught by the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Our Savior congregation of Sisters. The Sisters do an outstanding job in teaching the rudiments of the Faith to the children of the parish.

Dress code

You are most welcome to come and assist at Mass. Be advised that we do enforce a dress code while on church property.

According to Apostolic Tradition and out of respect for our Lord's presence in the Most Blessed Sacrament, the faithful must dress modestly while in the church and assisting at Holy Mass. Hence, please observe the following rules:

Women and girls must wear a modest dress and cover their heads with either a hat or chapel veil. Short skirts or dresses that are above the knees, revealing blouses (such as low cut, sleeveless or see-through), slacks or shorts of any length do not meet the norms of Christian modesty.

1. The question is, what exactly does it mean, to dress modestly?
2. What does the Catholic Church say on the matter?

On January 12, 1930, the sacred Congregation of the Council, by mandate of Pope Pius XI, has issued emphatic instructions on modesty of dress to all bishops, directing them to insist on these prescriptions:
"We recall that a dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat, which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows, and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knee. Furthermore, dresses of transparent material are improper.

Women must be decently dressed, especially when they go to church. The parish priest may, with due prudence, refuse them entrance to the church and access to the reception of the Sacraments, [each] and every time that they come to church immodestly dressed." (General Pastoral Directive, 1915 A.D.)

"Girls and women dressed immodestly are to be debarred from Holy Communion and from acting as sponsors at the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation; further, if the offense be extreme, they may even be forbidden to enter the church." [Decree of the Congregation of the Council, 1930 A.D.]

Men and boys should be wearing neat trousers, a coat, jacket or a dress sweater and tie. Jeans, shorts, open shirts, sneakers and other such casual dress are inappropriate and do not meet the standards for Mass.

Please be advised that the priest reserves the right to refuse Holy Communion to anyone, who in his prudent judgment, does not meet the requirements of the Rules for Receiving Holy Communion and Dress Code as stated above.
A word to newcomers


If you are a Catholic who is thinking about coming back to the traditional Latin Mass, you probably have a number of questions about why we do what we do. We have remained faithful to the traditional Mass — not out of nostalgia, love of Latin, aesthetic considerations, stubbornness or "disobedience." We have remained faithful because it is the Catholic thing to do.

We believe that the traditional Mass is a perfect expression of the unchanging and unchangeable Catholic teaching on the nature of the Mass and the Holy Eucharist, as well as a refuge from, and an antidote to, the myriad false teachings and sacrilegious practices which have found their way into our parish churches as a result of the New Mass and the "changes" in the Church. We believe that we have a right to assist at the traditional Mass, guaranteed in perpetuity by Pope St. Pius V, which no one can take away from us, and a duty to assist at this Mass so we can save our souls.