Weekly Mass Schedule

Missa Pro Populo.................................................... 9:00 a.m. Mass
MONDAY: October 28th - STS. SIMON & JUDE, App (d1cl)
† Kenny Gagnon..................................................... No Mass
TUESDAY: October 29th - Ferial Day
† Kenny Gagnon..................................................... 9:00 a.m. Mass
WEDNESDAY: October 30th - Ferial Day
Gregory Skierka...................................................... No Mass
THURSDAY: October 31st - Vigil of All Saints
† Teresa Skierka...................................................... No Mass
FRIDAY: November 1st - All Saints Day (21cl))
Betty Zarn............................................................... 9:00 a.m. Mass
SATURDAY: November 2nd - All Souls Day (d)
Poor Souls in Purgatory............................................ 6:00 p.m. Mass
SUNDAY: November 3rd - 21st Sunday after Pentecost (sd)
Missa Pro Populo.................................................... 9:00 a.m. Mass

Sanctuary Lamp burning for the continued good health of Don Petrilli.

Confession Schedule
Friday — 8:15 a.m. - 8:55 a.m.
Saturday — 5:30 p.m. - 5:55 p.m.
Sunday — 8:00 a.m. - 8:55 a.m.

Church Cleaning Schedule
Oct 27 — Melissa Bradshaw, Mary Drewes & Regina Drewes
Nov 3 — Regina Marshall & Maria Fleshman Sarah Rollins
Nov 7 — Becky Lowder, Hannah Lowder & Tiffany Skierka

Treat Schedule
Oct 27 — Sarah Rollins, Hannah Lowder and Becky Lowder
Nov 3 — Pot Luck
Nov 7 — Amy Lightner, and Rachel Lightner, Josie Lightner

Altar Boy Serving Schedule
Oct 27— Oran Skierka & Dominic Skierka
Nov 1 — Nathan Rollins & Kernan Skierka
Nov 3 — MC - Killian Skierka Th - Oran Skierka CB - Thaddeus Bradshaw
Ac - Brennan Skierka & Stephen Rollins
TB - Blane Lightner, Quentin Skierka, Francis Dalimata
TB - Sam Kalafat, Callen Skierka, Peter Skierka
Nov 7 — Killian Skierka & Brennan Skierka

Snow Removal
Nov 1 — Pat Bogner — James Bogner
Nov 3 — Erik Kalafat — Cole Lowder
Nov 10 — Cody Merja  — Bailey Bomgardner


Sanctuary Lamp: If you would like to have the Sanctuary Lamp burning for the repose of soul, anniversary or remembrances, fill out a request and return to Fr. Skierka, the usual donation is $10.

All Saints Day Party: 1st Sunday of Nov. (November 3) We are having an All Saints Day party for the children, it will take place following the parish potluck, for further information, contact Tiffany Skierka.
All Souls Day: All Souls Day envelopes are in the pew, please return by Nov 1.
The Roman Catholic magazine is available after Mass, please feel free to take a copy home.
Holy Day of Obligation: November 1 is a Holy Day of Obligation.....if you must work on that day, make arrangements with your employer to have off for Mass that morning

Confessions: Priority should be given especially the last thirty minutes of confessions to those who drive a great distance, have little children, elderly and or are disabled. Those living in closer proximity please be here early; Confessions begin at 8:00 a.m. Of course, and I think that it goes without saying, that those who live in close proximity to the church, should come for confessions on Saturday morning if at all possible. 

6 Day Votive Light Candles: The price per candle is $2.50 each, $60 per case.

Live stream sermons: you can now watch one of the SSPV or CSPV priests offer Mass in Boynton Beach, Florida. It is live streamed every Sunday at 500pm (eastern) and then archived. The address for this is http://tiny.cc/ourladyofpeace
SSPV Sermons may now be heard on You Tube channel wcbohio
Sanctuary Lamp: If you would like to have the Sanctuary Lamp burning for the repose of soul, anniversary or remembrances, and who requests it, the usual donation is $10. Fill out a request an return to Fr. Skierka
Fr. Jenkins online instructions: http://www.wcbohio.com/
Please Keep in your prayers: The deceased, ill and the injured and those that are in special need of prayers, particularly of our parish.
Blessing of Religious Articles: Following Mass next Sunday.
What Catholics Believe:"wbcohio" – http://www.wcbohio.com/ – Father Jenkins comments on some of the recent events of the SSPX, Fr. Davide Pagliarani; Fr. Patrick Girouard’s sermon on the SSPX’s re-branding, and other timely topics;..


In the liturgical sense, a patron is a saint who, because of ancient tradition or for-mal designation by the Church, is venerat-ed in a particular manner by the people of a place as a special protector and interces-sor before God. The theological foundat-ions of such patronage are the dogmas of the Communion of Saints and the Mystical Body of Christ.
The Church has made official desig-nation of some of the patrons listed below; in such cases the dates of designation are given in parentheses. Popular veneration or reverence has bestowed the title on others.

Accountants: St. Matthew, Sept. 21.
Actors: St. Genesius, Aug. 25.
Alpinists: St. Bernard of Menthon, May 28 (Aug. 20, 1923).
Altar Boys: St. John Berchmans, Nov. 26.
Anaesthetists: St. Rene Goupil, Sept. 26.
Archers: St. Sebastian, Jan. 20.
Architects: St. Thomas, Apostle, Dec. 21; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
Armorers: St. Dunstan, May 19.
Art: St. Catherine (Bologna), Mar. 9.
Artillerymen: St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
Artists: St. Luke, Oct. 18.
Astronomers: St. Dominic, Aug. 4.
Athletes: St. Sebastian, Jan 20.
Authors: St. Francis de Sales, Jan. 29.
Automobilists: St. Frances of Rome, Mar. 9; St. Christopher, July 25.
Aviators: Our Lady of Loreto, Dec. 10:St. Therese of Lisieux, Oct, 3: St. Joseph of Cupertino, Sept. 18.

Bakers: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Nov. 19; St. Nicholas, Dec. 6.
Bankers: St. Matthew, Sept. 21.
Barbers: Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Sept. 27: St. Louis, Aug. 25.
Barren Women: St. Anthony of Padua, June 13; St. Felicitas, Nov. 23.
Basket-makers: St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan. 17.
Beggars: St. Alexius, July 17.
Belt-makers: St. Alexius, July 17.
Blacksmiths: St. Dunstan, May 19.
Blind: St. Odilia, Dec. 13; St. Raphael, Oct. 24.
Blood Banks: St. Januarius, Sept. 19.
Bodily Ills: Our Lady of Lourdes, Feb. 11.
Bookbinders: St. Peter Celestine, May 19.
Bookkeepers: St. Matthew, Sept. 21.
Booksellers: St. John of God, Mar. 8.
Boy Scouts: St. George, Apr. 23.
Brewers: St. Augustine of Hippo, Aug. 28; St. Luke, Oct. 18; St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.
Bricklayers: St. Stephen, Dec. 26.
Brides: St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.
Brush-makers: St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan. 17.
Builders: St. Vincent Ferrer, Apr. 5.
Butchers: St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan. 17: St. Hadrian, Sept. 8; St. Luke, Oct. 18.

Cab-drivers: St. Fiacre, Aug. 30.
Cabinet-makers: St. Anne, July 26.
Cancer Patients: St. Peregrine, May 2.
Canonists: St. Raymond of Penafort. Jan. 23.
Carpenters: St. Joseph. May 1.
Catechists: St. Viator, Oct. 21; St. Charles Borromeo, Nov. 4; St. Robert Bellarmine, May 13.
Catholic Action: St. Francis of Assisi, Oct. 4.
Chandlers: St. Ambrose, Dec. 7; St. Bernard of Clairvaux, Aug. 20.
Charitable Societies: St. Vincent de Paul, July 19 (May 12, 1885).
Children: St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.
Children of Mary: St. Agnes, Jan. 21; St. Maria Goretti, July 9.
Choir Boys: St. Dominic Savio, Mar. 9 (June 8, 1956); Holy Innocents, Dec. 28.
Clerics: St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Mother, Feb. 27.
Comedians: St. Vitus, June 15.
Confessors: St. Alphonsus Liguori, Aug. 2 (Apr. 26, 1950); St. John Nepomucene, May 16.
Convulsion in Children: St. Scholastica, Feb. 10.
Cooks: St. Lawrence, Aug. 10; St. Martha. July 29.
Coopers: St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.
Coppersmiths: St. Maurus, Jan. 15.


Dairy Workers: St. Brigid. Feb. 1.
Deaf: St. Francis de Sales. Jan. 29.
Dentists: St. Apollonia. Feb. 8.
Desperate Situations: St. Gregory of Neo-caesarea, Nov. 17; St. Jude Thaddeus, Oct. 28.
Dieticians (Hospitals) : St. Martha, July 29.
Domestic Animals: St. Anthony. Abbot, Jan. 17.
Druggists: Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Sept. 27; St. James the Less, May 11.
Dyers: Sts. Maurice and Lydia, Aug. 3.
Dying: St. Joseph, Mar. 19; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
Editors: St. John Bosco. Jan. 31.
Emigrants: St. Frances Xavier Cabrini, Dec. 22 (Sept. 8, 1950).
Engineers: St. Ferdinand III, May 30.
Eucharistic Congresses and Societies: St. Paschal Baylon. May 17 (Nov. 28, 1897),
Expectant Mothers: St. Margaret, July 20; St. Raymund Nonnatus, Aug. 31; St. Gerard Majella, Oct. 16.
Eye Trouble: St. Lucy, Dec. 13.

Falsely Accused: St. Raymund Nonnatus, Aug. 31.
Farmers: St. George, Apr. 23; St. Isidore, Mar. 22.
Farriers: St. John Baptist, June 24.
Firemen: St. Florian, May 4.
Fire Prevention: St. Catherine of Siena, Apr. 30; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
First Communicants: Bl. Imelda, May 12; St. Tarcisius, Aug. 15.
Fishermen: St. Andrew, Nov. 30.
Florists: St. Dorothy, Feb. 6; St. Therese, Oct. 3.
Forest-workers: St. John Gualbert, July 12.
Founders: St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
Foundlings: Holy Innocents, Dec. 28.
Fullers: St. Anastasius the Fuller, Sept. 7; St. James the Less, May 11.
Funeral Directors: St. Joseph of Arimathea, Mar. 17; St. Dismas, Mar. 25.
Gardeners: St. Dorothy, Feb. 6; St. Adelard, Jan. 2; St. Tryphon, Nov. 10; St. Fiacre, Aug. 30; St. Phocas, July 14.
Glass-workers: St. Luke, Oct. 18.
Goldsmiths: St. Dunstan, May 19; St. Anastasius, Sept. 7.
Grave-diggers and Graveyards: St. Anthony, Abbot, Jan. 17.
Greetings: St. Valentine, Feb. 14.
Grocers: St. Michael, Sept. 29.
Gunners: St. Barbara, Dec. 4.

Hatters: St. Severus of Ravenna, Feb. 1; St. James the Less, May 11.
Haymakers: Sts. Gervase and Protase, June 19.
Headaches: St. Teresa of Avila, Oct. 15.
Heart Ailments: St. John of God, Mar. 8.
Hospital Administrators: St. Basil the Great. June 14; St. Frances X. Cabrini, Dec. 22.
Hospitals: St. Camillus de Lellis, July 18 and St. John of God, Mar. 8 (June 22, 1886) ; St. Jude Thaddeus, Oct. 28.
Housewives: St. Anne, July 26.
Hunters: St. Hubert, Nov. 3.
Huntsmen: St. Eustachius, Sept. 20.
Infantrymen: St. Maurice, Sept. 22.
Inn-keepers: St. Amand, Feb. 6.
Invalids: St. Roch, Aug. 16.
Jewellers: St. Eligius, Dec. 1.
Journalists: St. Francis de Sales, Jan. 29 (Apr. 26, 1923).
Jurists: St. Catherine of Alexandria. Nov. 25; St. John Capistrano, Mar. 28.
Labourers; St. Isidore, May 10; St. James, July 25; (Young) : St. John Bosco, Jan. 31.
Lawyers: St. Ivo, June 17; St. Genesius, Aug. 26; St. Thomas More, July 6.
Learning: St. Ambrose, Dec. 7; St. Acca, Nov. 27.
Librarians: St. Jerome, Sept. 30.
Locksmiths: St. Dunstan, May 19.
Lost Articles: St. Anthony of Padua, June 13.
Lovers: St. Raphael, Oct. 24.

Maids: St. Zita, Apr. 27.
Marble-workers: St. Clement I, Nov. 23.
Mariners: St. Michael. Sept. 29; St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Sept. 10.
Medical Record Librarians: St. Raymund of Penyafort, Jan. 23.
Medical Social Workers: St. John Regis, June 16.
Medical Technologists: St. Albert the Great, Nov. 15.
Mentally Ill: St. Dymphna, May 15.

Medical Technologists: St. Albert the Great, Nov. 15.
Mentally Ill: St. Dymphna, May 15.
Merchants: St. Francis of Assisi, Oct. 4; St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6.
Messengers: St. Gabriel, Mar. 24.
Metalworkers: St. Eligius, Dec. 1.
Millers: St. Arnulph, Aug. 15; St. Victor, July 21.
Miners: St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
Missions, Foreign: St. Francis Xavier, Dec. 3 (Mar. 25, 1904) ; St. Therese of Lisieux, Oct. 3 (Dec. 14, 1927).
Missions, Negro: St. Peter Claver, Sept. 9 (1896 Leo XIII) ; St. Benedict the Moor.
Missions, Parish: St. Leonard of Port Maurice, Nov. 26 (Mar. 17, 1923).
Mothers: St. Monica, May 4; St. Gerard Majella, October 16.
Motorcyclists: Our Lady of Grace, May 23.
Motorists: St. Christopher, July 25; St. Frances of Rome, Mar. 9.
Mountaineers: St. Bernard of Menthon, May 28.
Musicians: St. Gregory the Great, Mar. 12; St. Cecilia, Nov. 22; St. Dunstan, May 19.
Nail-makers: St. Cloud, Sept. 7.
Notaries: St. Luke, Oct. 18; St. Mark, Apr. 25.
Nurses: St. Camillus de Lellis, July 18, and St. John of God, Mar. 8 (1930, Pius XI); St. Agatha, Feb. 5; St. Alexius, July 17; St. Raphael, Oct. 24.
Nursing and Nursing Service: St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Nov. 19; St. Catherine of Siena, Apr. 30.

Old Maids: St. Andrew. Nov. 30.
Orators: St. John Chrysostom, Jan. 27 (July 8, 1908).
Organ Builders: St. Cecilia, Nov. 22.
Orphans: St. Jerome Aemilian, July 20.

Painters: St. Luke, Oct. 18.
Paratroopers: St. Michael, Sept. 29.
Pawnbrokers: St. Nicholas, Dec. 6.
Pharmacists (Hospital): St. Gemma Galgani, Apr. 11.
Philosophers: St. Justin, Apr. 14; St. Catherine of Alexandria, Nov. 25.
Physicians: St. Pantaleon, July 27; Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Sept. 27; St. Luke, Oct. 18; St. Raphael, Oct. 24.
Pilgrims: St. Alexius, July 17; St. James, July 25.
Plasterers: St. Bartholomew, Aug. 24.
Poets: St. David, Dec. 29; St. Cecilia, Nov. 22.
Poisoning: St. Benedict, Mar. 21.
Policemen: St. Michael, Sept. 29.
Poor: St. Lawrence, Aug. 10; St. Anthony of Padua, June 13.
Poor Souls: St. Nicholas of Tolentino, Sept. 10.
Porters: St. Christopher, July 25.
Possessed: St. Bruno, Oct. 6; St. Denis, Oct. 9.
Postal Employees: St. Gabriel, Mar. 24.
Priests: St. Jean-Baptiste Vianney, Aug.: 8 (Apr. 23, 1929).
Printers: St. John of God, Mar. 8; St. Augustine of Hippo, Aug. 28; St. Genesius, Aug. 25.
Prisoners: St. Dismas, Mar. 25; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
Prisons: St. Joseph Cafasso, June 23.
Protector of Crops: St. Ansovinus, Mar. 13.
Publicity Agents: St. Bernardine of Siena, May 20 (May 20, 1960).
Public Relations (Hospitals): St. Paul, Apostle, June 29.
Purity: St. Aloysius Gonzaga, June 21; St. Agatha, Feb. 5; St. Cecilia, Nov. 22.

Radiologists: St. Michael, Sept. 29 (Jan. 15, 1941).
Radio-workers: St. Gabriel, Mar. 24.
Retreats: St. Ignatius Loyola, July 31 (July 25, 1922!.
Rheumatism: St. James the Greater. July 25.

Saddlers: Sts. Crispin and Crispinian. Oct. 25.
Sailors: St. Cuthbert, Mar. 20; St. Brendan, May 16; St. Eulalia, Feb. 12; St. Christopher, July 25; St. Peter Gonzales, Apr. 15; St. Erasmus, June 2.
Scholars: St. Brigid, Feb. 1.

Schools, Catholic: St. Thomas Aquinas; Mar. 7 (Aug. 4. 1880) ; St. Joseph Calasanctius, Aug. 27 (Aug. 13, 1948).
Scientists: St. Albert, Nov. 15 (Aug. 13, 1948).
Sculptors: St. Claude, Nov. 8.
Seamen: St. Francis of Paolo, Apr. 2.
Secretaries: St. Genesius, Aug. 25.
Seminarians: St. Charles Borromeo, Nov. 4.
Servants: St. Martha, July 29; St. Zita, Apr. 27.
Shoemakers: Sts. Crispin and Crispinian, Oct. 25.
Sick: St. Michael, Sept. 29; St. John of God, Mar. 8; St. Camillus de Lellis, July 18 (June 22, 1886).
Silversmiths: St. Andronicus, Oct. 11.
Singers: St. Gregory, Mar. 12; St. Cecilia, Nov. 22.
Skaters: St. Lidwina, Apr. 14.
Skiers: St. Bernard, May 28.
Social Workers: St. Louise de Marillac, Mar. 15 (Feb. 12, 1960).
Soldiers: St. Hadrian, Sept. 8 ; St. George, Apr. 23; St. Ignatius, July 31; St. Sebastian, Jan. 20; St. Martin of Tours, Nov. 11; St. Joan of Arc, May 30.
Speleologists: St. Benedict, Mar. 21.
Stenographers: St. Genesius, Aug. 25; St. Cassian, Dec. 3.
Stone-cutters: St. Clement, Nov. 23.
Stone-masons: St. Stephen, Dec. 26; St. Barbara, Dec. 4.
Students: St. Thomas Aquinas, Mar. 7; St. Catherine of Alexandria, Nov. 25.
Surgeons: Sts. Cosmas and Damian, Sept. 27.
Swordsmiths: St. Maurice, Sept. 22.

Tailors: St. Homobonus, Nov. 13.
Tanners: Sts. Crispin and Crispinian, Oct. 25; St. Simon, May 10.
Tax-collectors: St. Matthew, Sept. 21.
Teachers: St. Gregory the Great, Mar. 12; St. Catherine of Alexandria, Nov. 25;
(principal patron), St. John Baptist de la Salle, May 15 (May 15, 1950).
Telecommunications workers: St. Gabriel, Mar. 24 (Jan. 12, 1951).
Telegraph/Telephone workers: St. Gabriel, Mar. 24.
Television: St. Clare of Assisi, Aug. 12 (Feb. 14, 1958).
Television-workers: St. Gabriel, Mar. 24.
Tertiaries: St. Louis of France, Aug. 25; St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Nov. 19.
Theologians: St. Augustine, Aug. 28
(Moral); St. Alphonsus Liguori. Aug. 2.
Throat: St. Blaise, Feb. 3.
Travellers: St. Anthony of Padua, June 13; St. Nicholas of Myra, Dec. 6; St. Christopher, July 25; St. Raphael, Oct. 24.
Universal Church: St. Joseph, Mar. 19 (Dec. 8, 1870).
Universities: Blessed Contardo Ferrini, Oct. 5.
Vocations: St. Alphonsus, Aug. 2.

Watchmen: St. Peter of Alcantara, Oct. 19.
Weavers: St. Paul the Hermit, Jan. 15; St. Anastasius the Fuller, Sept. 7; St. Anastasia, Dec. 25.
Wheelwrights: St. Catherine of Alexandria, Nov. 25.
Wine-growers: St. Vincent, Jan. 22.
Wine-merchants: St. Amand, Feb. 6.
Women in labour: St. Anne, July 26.
Women's Army Corps: St. Genevieve, Jan. 3.
Workingmen: St. Joseph, May 1.
Writers: St. Francis de Sales, Jan. 29 (Apr. 26, 1923); St. Lucy, Dec. 13.
Yachtsmen: St. Adjutor, Sept. 1.
Young Girls: St. Agnes, Jan. 21.
Youth: St. Aloysius Gonzaga, June 21 (1729, Benedict XIII; 1926, Pius XI) ; St. John Berchmans, Nov. 26; St. Gabriel Possenti, Feb. 27.


Alsace: St. Odile.
Americas: Our Lady of Guadalupe: St. Rose of Lima.
Argentina: Our Lady of Lujan.
Armenia: St. Gregory Illuminator.
Asia Minor: St. John, Evangelist.
Australia: Our Lady Help of Christians.
Basutoland or Lesoto: Immaculate Heart of Mary.
Belgium: St. Joseph.

Bohemia: Sts. Wenceslaus, Ludmilla.
Borneo (Kalimantan, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei): St. Francis Xavier.
Brazil: Immaculate Conception; St. Peter of Alcantara.
Canada: St. Joseph; St. Anne.
Ceylon or Sri Lanka: St. Lawrence.
Chile: St. James; Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.
China: St. Joseph.
Colombia: St. Peter Claver; St. Louis Bertrand.
Congo: Our Lady.
Corsica: Immaculate Conception.
Czechoslovakia: St. Wenceslaus; St. John Nepomucene; St. Procopius.
Denmark: St. Ansgar; St. Canute.
Dominican Republic: Our Lady of High Grace; St. Dominic.
East Indies, India, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia: St. Thomas, Apostle.
Ecuador: Sacred Heart.
England: St. George.

Finland: St. Henry.
France: Our Lady of the Assumption: St. Joan of Arc; St. Therese.
Germany: St. Nicholas of Myra; St. Andrew.
Holland: St. Willibrord.
Hungary: Blessed Virgin, "Great Lady of Hungry"; St. Stephen, King.
India: Our Lady of Assumption.
Ireland: Sts. Patrick, Brigid and Columba.
Italy: St. Francis of Assisi; St. Catherine of Siena.
Japan: St. Peter Baptist.
Lithuania: St. Casimir, Bl. Cunegunda.
Mexico: Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Monaco: St. Devota.
Moravia: Sts. Cyril and Methodius.
New Zealand: Our Lady Help of Christians.
Norway: St. Olaf.
Paraguay: Our Lady of Assumption.
Peru: St. Joseph.
Philippines: Sacred Heart of Mary.
Poland: St. Casimir; Bl. Cunegunda; St. Stanislaus of Cracow; Our Lady of Czestochowa.
Portugal: Immaculate Conception; St. Francis Borgia; St. Anthony of Padua; St. Vincent; St. George.
Russia: St. Andrew; St. Nicholas of Myra; St. Therese of Lisieux.

Scandinavia: St. Ansgar.
Scotland: St. Andrew; St. Columba.
Silesia : St. Hedwig.
Slovakia: Our Lady of Sorrows.
South America: St. Rose of Lima.
Spain: St. James; St. Teresa.
Sweden: St. Bridget; St. Eric.
South Africa: Our Lady of Assumption.
United States: Immaculate Conception.
Uruguay: Our Lady of Lujan.
Wales: St. David.
West Indies: St. Gertrude.


Alps: St. Bernard of Menthon.
Andalusia (Spain) : Bl. John of Avila.
Antioch: St. Barnabas.
Armenia: St. Gregory the Illuminator; St. Bartholomew.
Austria: St. Severine.
Bavaria: St. Killian.
Brazil: Jose Anthieta.
California: Junipero Serra, O.F.M.
Carinthia ( Slovenia and Croatia and Yugoslavia): St. Virgil.
Colombia: St. Louis Bertrand, O.P.
Corsica: St. Alexander Sauli.
Crete: St. Titus.
Cyprus: St. Barnabas.
Denmark: St. Ansgar.
England: St. Augustine of Canterbury: St. Gregory the Great.
Ethiopia: St. Frumentius.
Finland: St. Henry.
Florence: St. Andrew Corsini.
France: St. Remigius; St. Martin of Tours; St. Denis.
Friesland (Holland & Germany): St Suitbert; St. Willibrord.

Gauls: St. Irenaeus.
Gentiles: St. Paul.
Georgia (and the Caucasus, Caspian and Azov regions of Russia) : St. Nino.




1. The question is, what exactly does it mean, to dress modestly?
2. What does the Catholic Church say on the matter?

On January 12, 1930, the sacred Congregation of the Council, by mandate of Pope Pius XI, has issued emphatic instructions on modesty of dress to all bishops, directing them to insist on these prescriptions:
"We recall that a dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat, which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows, and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knee. Furthermore, dresses of transparent material are improper.

Women must be decently dressed, especially when they go to church. The parish priest may, with due prudence, refuse them entrance to the church and access to the reception of the Sacraments, [each] and every time that they come to church immodestly dressed." (General Pastoral Directive, 1915 A.D.)

"Girls and women dressed immodestly are to be debarred from Holy Communion and from acting as sponsors at the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation; further, if the offense be extreme, they may even be forbidden to enter the church." [Decree of the Congregation of the Council, 1930 A.D.]