SUNDAY: May 20th - Pentecost Sunday (d1cl)
Missa pro Populo.......................................................... 9:00 a.m. Mass
MONDAY: May 21st - Within the Octave of Pentecost (d1cl)
Jennifer Lightner............................................................ No Scheduled Mass
TUESDAY: May 22nd - Within the Octave of Pentecost (d1cl)
For the Priests and Nuns of Pius V..................................8:00 a.m. Mass
WEDNESDAY: May 23rd - Within the Octave of Pentecost (sd)
Mrs Pugh, children & grandchildren.................................8:00 a.m. Mass
THURSDAY: May 24th- Within the Octave of Pentecost (sd)
David and Andrew Dube Families....................................8:00 a.m. Mass
FRIDAY: May 25th - Within the Octave of Pentecost (sd)
† Marie Gluth............................................................... 8:00 a.m. Mass
SATURDAY: May 26th - Within the Octave of Pentecost (sd)
Mary Koch................................................................... 8:00 a.m. Mass
SUNDAY: May 27th - Trinity Sunday (d1cl)
Missa pro Populo..........................................................9:00 a.m. Mass

Confession Schedule
Saturday 7:30 a.m. - 7:50 a.m.
Sunday 8:00 a.m. - 8:50 a.m.

Church Cleaning Schedule
May 20 — Rita Bogner & Barbara Kalafat
May 27 — Penny Shevlin
June 3 — Chandee Bomgardner Family and Justina Merja

Treat Schedule
May 20 — Mary Ellen Petrilli, Rose Dorman and Stephanie Kern
May 27 — Amy Lightner, Jennifer Lightner and Rachel Lightner
June 3 — Laura Lightner, Bernadette Dube

Altar Boy Serving Schedule
May 20 —Killian Skierka & Blane Lightner
May 27 —MC - Nathan Rollins Th - Killian Skierka CB - Brently Baumgardner
Ac - Oran Skierka & Gabriel Lightner
TB - Brennan Skierka, Stephen Rollins, Dominic Skierka
TB - Blane Lightner, Brently Baumgardner, Kernan Skierka

Mission Mass Schedule
Holy Cross: 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays & Holy Days– 1:00 p.m.
449 Hoback; Helena, Montana 59624...............(406) 449-3701
Holy Shroud: 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays– 5:00 p.m.
204 Clyde; Missoula, Montana 59802............(406) 721-7146
St. Martin de Tours: 1st & 3rd Sundays– 4:30 p.m., Holy Days– 6:30 p.m.
2814 South Pompey's Road; Pompeys Pillar, Montana 59064........(406) 452-9021
St. Theresa, Lethbridge: 4th Wednesday of the month– 5:30 p.m......(403) 328-0627


Work Day: The annual work day has been moved to be June 9th, everyone is asked to come and help out. This is our annual once a year work day.
Catechism registration forms are in the bulletin rack, or download from Facebook.
Summer School Dates: June 11 - 15 and June 18 - June 22, First Communion Sunday June 24, followed by parish picnic. The Sisters are arriving On June 8th.
Immaculate Heart Cemetery is now official. We have the appropriate permits and the survey and legal description are recorded with the county. Pre-need brochures are available in the vestibule. To make arrangements please visit with Sarah Rollins or Hattie Lewis. We could still use some volunteers to help with gardening, landscaping, irrigation, and lighting. If you are able to help contact Sarah at 406-591-2096.
Flowers: parents please see that the little children don’t pull out the newly planted flower pots by the outside doors of the church and school.
Immaculate Conception Academy in Norwood Ohio (in Fr. Jenkins parish) is looked for a teacher to teach science and one for Mathematics. If anyone is interested please see me or give me a call and I can give more details.

Confessions: Priority should be given especially the last thirty minutes of confessions to those who drive a great distance, have little children, the elderly and or are disabled. Those living in closer proximity please be here early; Confessions begin at 8:00 a.m. Of course, and it goes without saying, that those who live in close proximity to the church, should come for confessions on Saturday morning if at all possible.
The Roman Catholic magazine
is available after Mass in the Bookstore, please feel free to take a copy home.
First Communion Sunday June 24, followed by parish picnic.

Live stream sermons:
you can now watch one of the SSPV or CSPV priests offer Mass in Boynton Beach, Florida. It is live streamed every Sunday at 500pm (eastern) and then archived. The address for this is
SSPV Sermons may now be heard on You Tube channel wcbohio
Sanctuary Lamp: If you would like to have the Sanctuary Lamp burning for the repose of soul, anniversary or remembrances, and who requests it, the usual donation is $10. Fill out a request an return to Fr. Skierka

Fr. Jenkins online instructions:
What Catholics Believe:"wbcohio" – – Fr. Jenkins as has made available many old programs of What Catholics Believe that he produced years ago, he is also now producing new programs as well. One can subscribe to this programing, go to the tab on the home page and follow the prompts.

 The article, "CATHOLICS IN NAME ONLYl" and be read in in its entirety..........go to the Articles Tab at the top of this page, click tab and it will direct to the article.

by Rev. Lawrence G. Lovasik, S.V.D.

CNo one ever saw human weakness more clearly than Jesus saw it in His Apostles. Yet, how infinitely patient He was with their worldliness, their faults. The well-spring of His patience was a kindness of heart that nothing could disturb. His fol-lowers clung to Him with an unshakable confidence. Love radiated from His per-son and warmed the hearts of those sur-rounding Him. However, on occasion, He could show a firmness that nothing could budge. Never did He waver or compro-mise when the glory of His Father or the salvation of souls was at stake. Strive to resemble Him.
4. A kind thought never fails to bring joy. Happiness is not necessarily won by deeds, but it is readily held by a simple loving thought which can dispel the clouds of depression, discontent, and sad-ness. You may be ill, you may be poor, and you may be unlearned; but if your thoughts are kindly, you are indeed a happy person.
Kind thoughts gladden you first and then those around you. People never fail to notice the presence of such thoughts, even though your hand is empty and no word is spoken. And if it should happen that no one is aware of the pearls of kindly thoughts enclosed in the casket of your heart, so that no one rejoices over them, God, who knows all things and who is Himself an eternal thought of love, is aware of them. He rejoices over them. When you cherish a gracious thought, it is as if God saw His own Being reflected in a silent, sacred likeness, as the stars are reflected in a crystal pool.
5. Kind thoughts allow you to share in the good that others do. The good acts of others may be yours in the sight of God if, when you notice them, you offer them to God with a prayer and good wishes. You cooperate in God’s work when you wish your neighbor well, when you implore God’s blessing on his work, and rejoice and thank God for another’s success. You will become aware how blind you have been not to have realized the far-reaching effects of an encouraging word, a friendly glance, a kind deed. The good that you do in this way will be rewarded more than any other because it is wholly selfless.
II. Sins of Thought
1) Faultfinding
One of the worst weaknesses you could have is finding fault or reminding others of their faults. In snooping around for the faults of your neighbor, you only succeed in adding another fault to your own load.
Ability to find fault is believed by some people to be a sure sign of wisdom, when in most cases it merely indicates narrow-ness of mind and ill-nature. Nothing re-quires so little intelligence as faultfinding; in fact, the less your ability, the sharper your triumph. A critic usually is a person who is unable to do the thing the way he thinks it should be done by others. He forgets that criticism and faultfinding, like charity, should begin at home. Added to the ignorance of the critic, you will find its companion, pride, and also a sort of envy or jealousy, for the faultfinder recog-nizes his own inability or failure.
Faults in others would not be so notice-able if you took time to examine your own. Borrow your neighbor’s glasses some-time. See yourself as others see you, and then you may not believe all you see. You very seldom measure the faults of your fellow man and your own with the same rule, or weigh them on the same scales. How much louder is the sound when someone else slams the door.
If, when you charged a person with his faults, you credited him with his virtues too, you would probably like everybody. It is just as easy to praise your neighbor as to find fault with him — even though you may not get much satisfaction out of such praise. Someone has said that we all have a basket hanging before us in which we put our neighbor’s fault, and another behind us in which we stow away our own.
Faultfinding and magnifying the mis-takes of others are poor ways of changing the world for the better. Means to correct wrongdoing should always be positive and constructive, not negative and de-structive.


Requirements for Receiving Holy Communion
On January 12, 1930, the sacred Congregation of the Council, by mandate of Pope Pius XI, has issued emphatic instructions on modesty of dress to all bishops, directing them to insist on these prescriptions:

"We recall that a dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat, which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows, and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knee. Furthermore, dresses of transparent material are improper."

In addition, all those who wish to receive  Holy Communion at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church must:    

● be validly baptized in the Roman Catholic Church.  Anyone who was baptized after 1970 must speak with the priest before receiving Holy Communion.
● hold all teachings and have a sufficient knowledge of the Catholic Faith.  One must believe and abide by traditional Catholic moral teaching, especially regarding purity of marriage.  Anyone who has received a marriage annulment since 1968 must talk to the priest before receiving Holy Communion.
● be in state of sanctifying grace to be able to receive Communion, having made a good confession to a traditional Roman Catholic priest.
● be fasting for three hours from solid food and alcoholic beverages and one hour from liquids other than water.  Water and non alcoholic medicines may be taken at any time.  (please note) Those who are able to do so, are encouraged to fast from midnight at those times when they plan to assist at a Mass scheduled for the morning.
Anyone who adheres to the teachings of Father Leonard Feeney and Saint Benedict Center (denying the Church’s teaching concerning “baptism of desire” and “baptism of blood”), who worships at religious services conducted by any of the CMRI bishops or clergy or Thuc bishops and clergy in concert with them, must not receive Holy Communion at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church.

Ladies, as stated above, are required to wear dresses, or full skirts and blouses.  Hemlines must be long enough to touch the floor when kneeling. Necklines must be no more than two fingers-widths below the pit of the throat.  Slit skirts are not acceptable; a skirt is too tight if it needs to be slit to allow walking. Ladies are also required to wear a suitable head-covering while in church. Obviously, by the standards given by Pius XI, the wearing slacks, sleeveless dresses including “cap” sleeves(which are not sleeves at all), or low necklines are not suitably dress. Sleeves must cover the arms at least to the elbows.

Gentlemen also must wear modest and decent clothing in church and observe the prescript of Pope Pius XI as noted above.  Men must wear dress slacks and dress shirt, with sleeves which cover the arms at least to the elbows, preferably with suit coat  and tie.  If their attire is immodest or indecent, they should not enter the church.
Flip-flops, shorts, sweats and T-shirts are not acceptable attire in the church at any time. The wearing of revealing, tight-fitting and transparent garments of sheer material is forbidden in the Church.

Please do not come to receive Holy Communion at this church today if you do not meet these requirements. Rather, respect our standards and observe them.


1. The question is, what exactly does it mean, to dress modestly?
2. What does the Catholic Church say on the matter?

On January 12, 1930, the sacred Congregation of the Council, by mandate of Pope Pius XI, has issued emphatic instructions on modesty of dress to all bishops, directing them to insist on these prescriptions:
"We recall that a dress cannot be called decent which is cut deeper than two fingers breadth under the pit of the throat, which does not cover the arms at least to the elbows, and scarcely reaches a bit beyond the knee. Furthermore, dresses of transparent material are improper.

Women must be decently dressed, especially when they go to church. The parish priest may, with due prudence, refuse them entrance to the church and access to the reception of the Sacraments, [each] and every time that they come to church immodestly dressed." (General Pastoral Directive, 1915 A.D.)

"Girls and women dressed immodestly are to be debarred from Holy Communion and from acting as sponsors at the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation; further, if the offense be extreme, they may even be forbidden to enter the church." [Decree of the Congregation of the Council, 1930 A.D.]