The 2023 Ordo

The Ordo for 2023 is not available yet, it is projected to be ready by the end of October. If you wish to place your order early, we will be able to mail it out right away upon it's completion.

The Ordo is a detailed compilation of the rubrics for assisting the priest in the offering of Mass and the recitation of the Divine Office. It is in Latin, and due to the length of this work, much if not most has been set down in a Latin abbreviated form.

The rubrics followed are that of St. Pius X for the Universal Calendar of the Church. However, feast days proper to the United States have been added. The traditional rubrics for Holy Week (pre 1956) are observed.
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Sample of a day in the Ordo:

1. ✠ Dom. IN CIRCUMCISIONE DNJC, d2cl. Dox pr et v ad Primam Qui natus es usque ad Epiph et post Lunæ Martyrol pronunt lectio. In M Gl, Cr, Prf et Coic Nat. V fest tt [psalmi ut in comm B Mariæ].